Who do you do it for?

This is a campaign targeting developers for Microsoft’s Interactive Brand Experience team.

 (TV+Services (ISS), Suppy chain, Finance + Marketing Media, Hardware, and Microsoft Studios)

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Do it Campaign.

Do it for the _unknown.

Do it for the_ future.

Do it for the _families.

Do it for the _challenge.

Do it for the _fun.

Do it for _you.



Very few projects at Microsoft have “small” impact. Everywhere you turn, the projects people are working on are likely to be used by thousands or millions of people. You have the opportunity to earn, save, or cost the company millions of dollars through your work. It’s an awesome responsibility, but an awesome chance to create widely influential software.

Wow, right? With so many places to make an impact — who do you do it for?

With assistance by:

Karen Kemp- provided creative direction

Sarah Weld- provided text-content and editing skills

“In today’s political landscape,  how do we get people to talk about the global risks associated with nuclear energy as a current problem that could affect them?”