“Persuasion is an act of belief, not information.”

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The home page functions as a primer to the philosophies used to create constructive conversations and gives many alternate entry points to engage deeper with the strategic concepts presented.


About the project

Nuclear Narratives is an action toolkit used to reframe the risks associated with nuclear weapons and energy in an effort to create relevancy and prompt actions towards disarmament.

My role

Having been brought into the project in the very early stages—I was able to work closely with the client and guide them from their initial research report to a public-facing website meant for a broader audience. This required sharp interview skills to help the client understand how to simplify a 100-page document down to its core message and then structure the content to accomplish their goals.

During the design phase, I worked with a Creative Director to define the look and feel as well as explore interactions that helped drive content absorption. I designed and coded simultaneously within Visual Composer—all the while ensuring that what I was creating would be easy for the client to update over time. A high level of detail was put into how the site read, functioned, responded, and remained future proof.

Team roles:

Jennifer Beatty—Provided Creative Direction, Project Management, and Technical Support.

Nuclear Narratives—Provided written content as well as graphical illustration treatments.

Tech stack:

  • WordPress
  • Visual Composer
  • CSS
  • Essential Grid
  • WP Mail
  • Theme: Bridge
  • Hosting: Pantheon

“In today’s political landscape, how do we encourage conversations about the risks of nuclear energy as a current and relevant issue?”

This page features a large graphic text header that quickly fades in line-by-line to further emphasize the messaging.

I leveraged their provided data and re-imagined it using the language of infographics.

Simple and clean is strategic as well. There are no barriers to entry when it comes to being able to reach out and work with NN.