An evergreen photographic visual system representative of the core college audiences

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My Role

The Audience Personas project was an enormous multi-pronged effort that resulted in thousands of audience persona portraits processed through a custom-built internal system that streamlined a previously laborious exercise.

From the get-go, I was responsible for developing the value proposition for undertaking a complete revamping of how the College of Communication shot and utilized photography across all marketing media. I spearheaded coordinating with all subjects and stakeholders, defined the photography style, art directed and photographed dozens of people, conceived a streamlined system that processed thousands of photos—all culminating in an easy-to-use library and responsive templates that showcased the diversity of SMC personas.

Throughout this multi-year project, I maintained several key principles to measure success against:

  • A visual style that made subjects appear approachable
  • Responsive Photoshop templates that ensured integrity across all breakpoints and crop dimensions
  • Normalized naming conventions that simplified and sped up the process of rapidly testing and replacing images
  • Easy to find, well-organized waivers and folder structure
  • Built a local version of the college website to allow rapid testing and approval of images internally

Team Roles:

Karen Kemp—Provided Creative Direction and Project Management

Sarah Weld—Provided written content and copy editing